Dog Grooming is an important part of the health care routine which keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy. This includes bathing and nail clipping which are important to ensure your dog looks and feels great.

Grooming is vital to the comfort and overall well being of any dog. How much grooming and how often a dog will need to be groomed depends on many different factors such as breed, age and the overall health of the dog.

I provide a personal one to one grooming service for your dog in a calm environment with plenty of tender loving care. Your dogs welfare is paramount to me and my aim is to have your dog feel comfortable and content whilst they are being groomed.

Because I groom one to one this is the ideal environment for nervous anxious dogs. I do not book dogs in straight after one another.

I like to know I have plenty of time to spend with your precious pooch. Their well-being is the most important thing to me. I follow the dogs lead and not every dog is happy on the grooming table, so I am happy to sit on the floor with your dog.

Precious Pampered Pooches will not place your precious pooch in a cage.